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As we design for the future of architecture; it is important to pause and reflect on a collective imagined future that we all want to aspire towards. We are optimistic about our future vision, it comes from a lot of reflection and spiritual connection and the belief that the vision of future is more deeply imbibed in looking back than looking forward. In looking back and exploring the connection of man and nature, we understand what balance we aspire towards.  The understanding of material, orientation and shading we understand the nuances of the built. In being humble and grounded, less disruptive and more connected we limit our footprint of impact. In appreciating what we have, what we can salvage and reuse and what we can build out of materials we understand best, we become resourceful and responsible.

The future also represents a reality of climate change, disruptive technologies, new construction materials, big data influence and the possibility of recurring pandemics. Our response to all that is to venture forward with complete responsibility of improving what you touch, use common sense and use less. We use what we understand in materiality but do it responsibly, we find a happy medium that is a very relevant vision for the future as much as it comes from the past.

With a focus on efficient, responsible, and experiential design, we collaborate through the design process to cater to the needs of the people who live in, work in, and use the spaces we create. We derive our architecture from local cultures, space rituals and client needs to create memorable spaces that delivers economic, social and sustainable value.

Our story is a humble one. Three individuals from diverse backgrounds and skill sets with their decades of previous experience coming together with common goals and values.  We call ourselves Architecture Dialogue, as we believe in design as an outcome of dialogue between ourselves, our clients and our continually changing context.

Contributing to the future of the built environment

"Good Design"

We want to do work that creates wellbeing, is sustainable and works towards building a better future. In short, we create ‘Good Architecture’. Where good is not a subjective term but a term that defines efficiency, sustainability, elegance and simplicity.

We deeply care about the people that we design for and design with, we believe that doing things in the right way and staying true to our values is good for our clients, our staff and our shared community. We are an accessible and approachable office that aims to deliver projects that exceed limitations in a happy and productive environment.

Coming from a generation that will see drastic changes, we take responsibility and want to help shape sustainable, safe and vibrant urban environments for our community.

FIRST values

FREEDOM - We have an environment that is open and allows individuals access and responsibility of projects in all stages.

INTEGRITY - We Keep up a high standard of integrity, be ethical, fair, transparent and as per the professional standards of the occupation. The founding team especially, hold themselves to the highest standard of professionalism.

RIGOUR - We operate with complete passion and have a drive to learn and excel in the profession. An interest to attain in-depth knowledge and a commitment to continue learning and strive for excellence.

SUSTAINABILITY - In today’s time it is not possible to look at the construction industry without first talking about the future. We look at sustainability in a holistic manner rather than a shopping list. We are striving to achieve the UN STG goals to create an inclusive and sustainable future.

TRUST - The freedom and independence to operate also comes with responsibility and trust. The trust is put in the founding team to act with integrity, in our people to act with honesty and our clients who we want to be open and truthful.

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